Violent crimes

Casey Stamm has been defending violent crimes and other crimes against persons for more than a decade.  In particular, she has handled homicide cases ranging from aggravated murder to negligent homicide; assault cases including assault of a child and elder abuse, domestic violence, harassment, assault with a deadly weapon, assault amounting to torture, kidnapping, and unlawful imprisonment.

Sometimes crimes against persons can boil down to a classic he said / she said scenario.  In these situations, Casey Stamm focuses on exhaustively investigating the source of the allegations and the reasons therefore.  Such reasons can be infinitely varied but often they begin with simple bias against the person accused.  Also common is a situation where the witness is predisposed to believe a crime took place and has simply conflated or confabulated what they actually observed take place.  More and more commonly, forensic analysis of data relating to cell phones and computers can make or break a witness’ credibility.  Casey Stamm is experienced exploring and using each of these issues and many more to aggressively defend her clients.

Violent crimes and other crimes against persons can also involve a battle of experts over ballistics, blood stain pattern analysis, DNA testing, handwriting analysis, tool mark comparison, fingerprint identification, forensic odontology etc.  The expert battles can be over less quantifiable matters such as eyewitness identification, forensic linguistic analysis, false confession, interview techniques and the like.  Whatever the circumstances, Casey Stamm is prepared to do the work to aggressively counter the evidence and the allegations.