Property and drug crimes

Casey Stamm brings the same focus and determination she applies in her defense of sex offenses and violent crimes to property and drug crimes such as mail fraud and wire fraud, embezzlement, theft, robbery, burglary, as well as manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances.  Although such offenses may lack readily identifiable victims, they can be extremely serious nonetheless.  For this reason, Casey Stamm defends property and drug offenses just as aggressively as any of the sex offense or crimes against persons she handles.

Often the issues in property and drug offenses overlap with those in other types of cases – DNA testing, handwriting analysis, fingerprint identification, etc.  With property and drug crimes, the issues often also include unlawful search and seizure, unauthorized wiretapping, canine sniff evidence, forensic accounting and drug lab testing.  Casey Stamm has experience with all of these issues and more.  She has challenged wiretaps in federal district court and the court of appeals.

Property and drug offenses can have serious lifelong consequences.  Perversely, many individuals facing solely drug related charges risk even longer terms of imprisonment due to strict federal mandatory minimum laws and inflated sentencing guidelines.  Casey Stamm aggressively defends these charges will the same focus and intensity she brings to the rest of her practice, fighting for positive results in each case.