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Focused, fearless defense when you need it most.

When the Government charges you with a serious criminal offense, there is no substitute for a skilled, aggressive, and committed criminal defense attorney.  Casey Stamm, principal at the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, is just that.  For well over a decade, Casey Stamm has successfully defended nearly every type of serious criminal offense in local, state, and federal courts.  With a focus on trial practice, Casey Stamm has the experience and commitment to fight for favorable results in each of her cases no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Casey Stamm does not handle a large volume of criminal cases.  She believes each case should be handled with the highest degree of focus, effort, and skill.  In handling a smaller number of cases, she ensures such handling in every case.  Casey Stamm defends criminal cases where the stakes are high.  Her clients face serious consequences beginning with imprisonment and extending to the potential loss of professional licenses, immigration status, child custody, or the career prospects of a promising student.  Casey Stamm aggressively defends each of her clients mindful of the need to safeguard all their important interests.

Criminal Defense for:

Post-conviction defense:

  • Personal restraint
  • Habeas corpus
  • SB 6141
  • Clemency petitions

Endorsements and Memberships:

The National Trial Lawyers

Currently accepting cases

In local, state, and federal courts throughout Washington state, Ms. Stamm’s practice includes defense of:

  • sex offenses (including rape, rape of a child, child molestation, commercial sexual abuse of a minor, and child pornography-related crimes)
  • violent crimes and other crimes against persons (including homicide, murder, manslaughter, assault, assault of a child, domestic violence (dv), harassment, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference)
  • property and drug crimes (including mail and wire fraud, embezzlement, theft, robbery, burglary, as well as manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances)
  • legal disciplinary actions (including judicial misconduct or disability, lawyer discipline or disability, applicant character and fitness and unauthorized practice of law complaints)

Criminal defense throughout Washington State:

  • King County (Seattle and Kent)
  • Snohomish County (Everett)
  • Pierce County (Tacoma)
  • Skagit County (Mount Vernon)
  • Whatcom County (Bellingham)
  • Thurston County (Olympia)
  • Kitsap County (Port Orchard)